The UK Government values the significant contribution the Death Penalty Project has made in global action on the death penalty.

As well as representing individuals at risk of execution, the DPP has an ongoing commitment to empower local lawyers through training, seminars and workshops. By maintaining dialogue with judiciaries, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and governments, we aim to strengthen communication between organisations and ultimately enable them to work effectively together to protect human rights..


The Death Penalty Project has developed and commissioned studies and research into all aspects of the death penalty. Publications include:

The Abolition of the Death Penalty in the UK: How it Happened and Why it Still Matters (2015)                                                                                                    Julian B. Knowles QC

The Public Opinion Myth: Why Japan retains the death penalty (2015)                         Mai Sato & Paul Bacon

Handbook of Forensic Practice in Capital Cases in Taiwan (2015)                               Nigel Eastman, Tim Green, Richard Latham, Marc Lyall, Leon Huang

Behind the Prison Gates (2014)

The inevitability of error: the administration of justice in death penalty cases (2014)

The Death Penalty in Taiwan (2014)

The Death Penalty in Malaysia (2013)

The Death Penalty in Japan (2013)

Handbook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases (2013)                           Nigel Eastman, Tim Green, Richard Latham and Marc Lyall

Report on Prison Conditions in Jamaica (2011)
James Robottom

Public Opinion Survey on the Mandatory Death Penalty in Trinidad (2011)          Professor Roger Hood and Dr Florence Seemungal

A Penalty Without Legitimacy (2009)                                                                   Professor Roger Hood and Dr Florence Seemungal

A Guide to Sentencing in Capital Cases (2007)
Edward Fitzgerald QC and Keir Starmer QC

A Rare and Arbitrary Fate (2006)
Professor Roger Hood and Dr Florence Seemungal


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