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Title Date Jurisdiction Court
"A Practice Which Debases Everyone Involved" Corporal Punishment Under International Law   UK  
A (Errol) v The Queen 2004 British Virgin Islands PC
A History of Criminal Law in England - Vol. II Ch. XX & Vol. III Ch. XXVI 1883 UK  
A History of The Judicial Committee of The Privy Council - June 1996 1996    
A New Approach to Challenging the Death Penalty      
A Proclamation S.I. No. 62 of 1978 1978 Belize  
Abbott v Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago 1979 Trinidad and Tobago  
Adams v The Queen 18 Mar 2002 Jamaica PC
Adio v Attornery General of Trinidad and Tobago 1991 Nigeria CA
Administrative Law 1994 UK  
Advisory Opinion OC-10/89 14 Jul 1989 Columbia Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Advisory Opinion OC-16/99 01 Oct 1999 United Mexican States Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Advisory Opinion OC-2/82 24 Sep 1982   Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Advisory Opinion OC-3/83 1983 OAS IACHR
Ahmad v Inner London Education Authority 1978 England CA
Ahmedi Sumar v Republic 1964 Dar-es-Salaam CA
Air-India v Wiggins 03 Jul 1980 England HL
Aitken v Jamaica 2002 Jamaica IACHR
Ajodha v The State 1982 Trinidad and Tobago PC
Alexander v The Queen 08 Apr 1981 Australia High Court of Australia
Ali v The Queen 1992 Mauritius PC
Allan v United Kingdom 2002 England ECHR
Alleyne v The State 24 Apr 2001 Trinidad and Tobago Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago
Amand v Home Secretary and Minister of Defence of Royal Netherlands Government 06 Aug 1942 England HL
American Convention on Human Rights (Entered into force, 18 July 1978) 1969    
American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man 1948    
Amore v The Queen 1994 Jamaica PC
Anderson v The Queen 1972 Jamaica PC
Andersson v Sweden 1991 Sweden ECHR
Anisminic Ltd. v Foreign Compensation Commission 1969 England HL
Annotation - Judicial Abrogation of Felony - Murder Doctrine 13 ALR 4th      
Anthony Nevada Johnson v The State 1999 Trinidad and Tobago PC
Appeals to the Privy Council - Problems & Prospects (Interights)      
Application of English Laws Act No. 19/1991 CAP. 8 1991 St. Vincent & The Grenadines  
Archbold - Chapter 15, 42nd ed. 1985 UK  
Archbold 1993 - Non-Statutory Exceptions   UK  
Arnold v National Westminster Bank Plc 25 Apr 1991 England HL
Arrow Air Inc v Minister of Tourism 1995 The Bahamas Court of Appeal of The Bahamas (Criminal Side)
Arthurs v Attorney General for Northern Ireland 1970 NI HL
Ashby v Trinidad 1994    
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