Public Opinion Survey on the Mandatory Death Penalty in Trinidad (2011)

By Professor Roger Hood and Dr Florence Seemungal
A survey of the opinions of a representative sample of 1,000 residents of Trinidad, almost all of them citizens, on the very topical subject of the death penalty, in particular the support for and use of the mandatory death penalty for murder under current Trinidadian law, has just been completed. The data was collected in Trinidad (but not Tobago for reasons largely of the cost involved in collecting a small sample of interviews) by face-to-face interviews between 16th November and 16th December 2010.

The survey was designed by Professor Roger Hood of Oxford University and Dr Florence Seemungal a Trinidadian psychologist, who is also attached to Oxford. It was commissioned by the Death Penalty Project in London in association with the Rights Advocacy Project of the University of the West Indies Faculty of Law. The survey was carried out by the experienced company, Market Facts and Opinions of Trinidad and was funded by grants made to The Death Penalty Project.

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