Everyone must be afforded due process rights, especially those facing the ultimate penalty: execution. The DPP has made extraordinary progress in protecting this most fundamental right in a range of jurisdiction.


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Read the latest news on the Death Penalty Project and its work from around the world

Towards the abolition of the death penalty in Belarus

December 2016
Last week co-executive director Parvais Jabbar participated in conference “Abolition of the Death Penalty and Public Opinion” in Minsk, Belarus. The workshop, held on 13 December 2016, was organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Ministry of ... read more »

International Human Rights Day 2016

December 2016
This Saturday, 10th December, marks the 68th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The UDHR affirms the inherent dignity and worth of human life, and declares that all people are entitled to certain rights, ... read more »

Antigua empties death row

December 2016
Antigua’s death row is empty for the first time in years as two of the remaining death row prisoners have been released and four others resentenced. Antigua has not executed anybody since 1991 but retains the death penalty for aggravated ... read more »

Supporting foreign nationals facing the death penalty in Malaysia

November 2016
For the past four years the Death Penalty Project has been working to protect the human rights of foreign nationals in Malaysia facing the death penalty. This week Saul Lehrfreund has been meeting with local lawyers in Kuala Lumpur to ... read more »

Life without parole unconstitutional, declares Belize Court of Appeal

November 2016
The Belize Court of Appeal has struck down a young man’s sentence of life without parole as “grossly disproportionate, inhumane and therefore unconstitutional”. Gregory August was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 for a murder committed when he was just ... read more »