Everyone must be afforded due process rights, especially those facing the ultimate penalty: execution. The DPP has made extraordinary progress in protecting this most fundamental right in a range of jurisdiction.


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Moving away from the death penalty in Zimbabwe – has the time come for change?

May 2018
This op-ed was published on Bulawayo24 News, 24 May 2018 By Parvais Jabbar and Val Ingham-Thorpe Zimbabwe has shown itself ready to embrace change in recent months but would that extend to abolition of the death penalty? The findings of a new ... read more »

Split Decision (Private Eye on the JCPC’s judgment in Jay Chandler)

March 2018
As reported in Private Eye Issue No.1466 (23 March- 5 April 2018) Privy Council judges in London made the alarming decision last week not to allow an appeal by a prisoner facing execution in Trinidad – despite strong evidence that ... read more »

Legal reform must be accompanied by legislative action if the death penalty is to be wiped out

February 2018
As reported in the Brussels Agenda (newsletter of the UK Law Society's Joint Brussels Office), 28 February 2018// // // For over thirty years, The Death Penalty Project has worked to protect the rights of those facing the death penalty, providing ... read more »

Trinidad waits on British judges’ death row ruling as murders soar

January 2018
As reported by Owen Bowcott in The Guardian, 15 January 2018 (Original article) Five British judges will this week consider whether a prisoner who may be mentally ill should remain on death row after a Caribbean court convicted him of ... read more »

Australia must continue to campaign against the death penalty in our region

October 2017
As reported by Nick McKenzie, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 October 2017 (Original article) In a kitchen in suburban Melbourne sit two English lawyers who have saved hundreds of convicted criminals from execution. Parvais Jabbar​ and Saul Lehrfreund's​ strike rate ... read more »