Everyone must be afforded due process rights, especially those facing the ultimate penalty: execution. The DPP has made extraordinary progress in protecting this most fundamental right in a range of jurisdiction.


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Press Releases

Battered woman who killed her husband released from prison in Belize

April 2017
A woman who killed her husband after enduring years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, has been released from prison in Belize. In July 2010, Lavern Longsworth, threw kerosene and a candle over her husband, David White, at their home ... read more »

Execution of the intellectually disabled is unconstitutional in Trinidad says Privy Council, but courts may still impose death sentences

March 2017
Today, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London delivered a long awaited judgment in the appeals of Lester Pitman and Neil Hernandez, two intellectually disabled men who had both been convicted of murder and sentenced to the mandatory ... read more »

Two Bulgarian nationals saved from execution in Malaysia

February 2017
The Court of Appeal of Malaysia was right to quash the death sentences of two Bulgarian nationals in 2015, the Federal Court has ruled. In a judgment delivered on 17 January 2017, the Federal Court in Malaysia dismissed an appeal ... read more »

Antigua prisoner released after 20 years on death row

November 2016
After 20 years on death row Lorriston Cornwall has been released from prison in Antigua. Cornwall was sentenced to death in 1996 for the murder of his former girlfriend. At the time Antigua carried the mandatory death penalty for murder, ... read more »

Belize Court of Appeal declares life imprisonment without parole violates basic human rights

November 2016
The Belize Court of Appeal has found mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole breaches fundamental human rights.  The Court held the sentence to be a clear violation of the right to a fair trial, because it is effectively ... read more »