UN Human Rights Committee

  • Dexter Johnson v Republic of Ghana

In 2010, we assisted Dexter Johnson, a British national convicted of murder and sentenced to death in Ghana in his appeal against his conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court. In March 2011, the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal. For more information on the appeal, please click here.

In 2011, a clemency petition was submitted to the President of Ghana on behalf of Mr. Johnson. We also submitted a communication to the UNHRC on behalf of Mr. Johnson, contending that the imposition of the mandatory death sentence in Ghana constitutes a violation of the ICCPR. We have received confirmation from the Committee that they have received the communication and the State Party has been requested to ensure that Mr. Johnson’s death sentence is not carried out whilst his case is under consideration by the Committee.

With the Human Rights Advocacy Centre, we are working to identify other prisoners under sentence of death who are also in a position to submit a complaint to the UNHRC, i.e. those who have exhausted all domestic remedies in Ghana.