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Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Serious Criminal Cases

Thank you for your interest in this course which has been developed as an introduction for psychiatrists who are acting as, or might be asked to be, expert witnesses in criminal, legal proceedings. We hope that there are components of the course that will be helpful to other mental health professionals as well as legal practitioners.

The course has been divided into three main sections interspersed with opportunities for self- assessment and feedback. The sections should be completed in the order recommended below.

1. Pre-course self-assessment

Please click here to complete the self-assessment.

2. E-learning

Please click here to access the E-learning

3. Pre-recorded lectures

Please click to access each of the lectures.
i. Lecture 1: Assessment
ii. Lecture 2: Report writing
iii. Lecture 3: Giving evidence in court
iv. Lecture 4: Pre-trial issues
v. Lecture 5: Mental condition defences
vi. Lecture 6: Sentencing
vii. Lecture 7: Ethical issues

4. Mid-course self assessment

Please click here to complete the mid-course self-assessment

5. Webinars

Webinars will be live case-based discussions using the learning from the first sections of the course. Please click here to access the online platform for the webinar.

Date & Time Webinar Topics
04/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X
03/01/2016 X

6. Post-course assessment and feedback

Please click here to complete the post course-assessment and feedback.

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